Aeon Ginsberg (b.1993, formerly Alain) is an agender writer and performer from and based in Baltimore City, MD whose work focuses primarily on narratives of gender identity, exploration, and performance, sexuality, and mental illness and trauma.

Their work has been featured or is forthcoming from Public Pool, Black Heart Magazine, Shabby Doll House, Voicemail Poems, Rising Phoenix Press, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Crab Fat Magazine, and elsewhere, as well as being nominated for Bettering American Poetry 2014 and 2016. Alain has competed in the Individual World Poetry Slam (2014), Capturing Fire (2014, finals stage ’15 & ’16), Word War VII, Rouge Roulette Poetry Slam, 2015 Louder Than A Bomb (College Stage, 2nd place), Texas Grand Slam (Semi-finalist 2016), as well as Baltimore’s slam scene Speak Out: Slammageddon and DC’s Beltway Poetry Slam. Alain also has been a prominent performer at concerts in the Baltimore and DC area having sold out the Rock and Roll Hotel and Metro Gallery among other shows. They are a 2016 Write Bloody Publishing finalist. Outside of performative poetry Alain has also been hired by Wesleyan University, Rowan University, the Maryland Institute College of Art, Westminster University, University of Utah, and the Women of The World Poetry Slam to run writing workshops. They are the author of  the chapbooks Until The Cows Come Home (published in 2016 by Elation Press) and Loathe/Love/Lathe (published in 2017 by Nostrovia! Press). They’ve dropped out of two colleges, and performed or led workshops at several.