Poetry Chapbooks


Loathe/Love/Lathe, (Nostrovia! Press, 2017)

“This collection of pieces from Alain Ginsberg is a close read on the ways in which trauma and transness are linked and how each trans person despite inherit differences has survived and is a survivor. Mortality, abuse, hurt, love, hope, and the longevity of Othering play major roles in the poems inside, which speak to a personal level as well as a universal one.”


Cover by Heather Danforth


Until The Cows Come Home (Elation Press, 2016)

“Until The Cows Come Home” is small collection of poems centering around the transformative nature of self discovery and survival as a trans person in the world. The writing is autobiographical, and the narratives are skewed by trauma or envelop trauma as a means to go on.

“My doctor tells me that taking hormones
is described as a second puberty,
and I don’t say that I hope I’ll be taller this time.
Don’t say how I hope my skin will be a delicate thing
a poisonous flower, call me by my other names,
call me wisteria, foxglove, rhododendron.
If the world is trying to consume me whole
than it should be prepared to feel
death in it’s body live a good harvest.”
– A Poisonous Thing

48 pages, 16 poems, measuring 4.25″x7″, perfect bound with a silk laminate cover.

Cover by Kirsty Hambrick