“Cisgender readers would be wise to find a window into these experiences, especially by way of work which challenges the opinions of those likely to see themselves in some of the ultimately misguided characters in the poems.”

— Anthony Moll, Baltimore City Paper contributor, writer

“… ‘In the Queer Utopia’ outlines a world without the everyday violence and death that undergirds wide swaths of the queer community, and with such a simple premise Ginsberg finds a dizzying lyricism that could easily drown the heart…”

— Andrew Sargus Klein, Wildness contributing writer, Platypus Press


“Ginsberg’s new short collection of poems, “Until the Cows Come Home,” is an autobiographical portrait of a young person navigating trauma, the body, and the world around them. The poems in the collection are robust in concept and affect, and although they are sometimes a bit light on image and rhythm, Ginsberg operates in this sweet spot artfully.” at City Paper


Selected Poems

“Two Poems” at Black Napkin

“Self Portrait (Cock)” “Too Large A Sweater, Almost” at Shabby Doll House

“Bill Murray walks into a party somewhere” at Rising Phoenix, nominated for Bettering American Poetry 2016

“Facts and Disclaimers” at decomP in print, Write About Now in video